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In the third gear tread a moderated mediation simulate Model 3 tween exposure to intense video recording games and aggression was established As shown indium Table 2 the set up of normative beliefs free young boys gay tube about hostility along aggression was substantial b 1024 t615 p0001 and the effect of family environmentexposure to intense video recording games on normative beliefs virtually hostility was non significant b 2002 t040 p069 Because some a 3 and B 1 were considerable exposure to violent video games family environment criterion beliefs near hostility and aggression recognized a qualified mediation simulate Normative beliefs most hostility played vitamin A mediating purpose between exposure to intense video recording games and aggression spell family environment was a moderator tween exposure to wild video games and standard beliefs about hostility Mplus analysis tried that the moderated mediation simulate had good simulate trying on 2 df154 CFI099 TLI098 RMSEA003 and SRMR001

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